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Inspection equipment


Inspection equipment


 We’re dedicated to ensure the quality with reliability tests and testing qualification systems

PictureEquipment NameModel No.Function

Inspection equipment

Density MeterMZ-AE150Used for analyzing the proportion of copper and plastic materials
Inspection equipmentTensile TesterSZCT-30021

Used for testing cable & wire &

 terminal bearing tension

Inspection equipmentCable TesterCT-350

Used for testing conductivity,

withstand voltage and resistance of cable & wire

Inspection equipmentResistance TesterUT511

Used for testing insulatio

resistance of cable  & wire

Inspection equipmentMagnifierCT-200CUsed for inspecting appearance of products 
Inspection equipmentHigh Voltage TesterSZCT-20705

Used for testing the withstand

voltage of cable

Inspection equipment

Elongation TesterSZCT-30022Used for analyzing the elongation of copper wire
Inspection equipmentOscilloscope1100ANUsed for testing the waveform & delay of analog signal
Inspection equipmentElectron MicroscopeTD-708M

Used for analyzing specification

of product 

Inspection equipmentAutomatic Cable swing test machineSZCT-30020Used for testing swing durability of products
Inspection equipment
Hardness Tester

Used for testing the hardness of plastic materials

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